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ASK ME IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE ANY OF THIS ART! <3 thank you <3+Art Neglection Stamp+ by dantesgirl

wildwind cute face by blackmuttofdoomNeon by blackmuttofdoom



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WildWind Contest Entry Transparent Fixed by ShadowClaw2000:AT: Wildwind by Taylor12323

(thing I need to do)

Redpanther, Cat, Male
extra notes~: eye is orange but the other one is deformed so it's scarred over n shut; bottom jaw is twisted to the side of good eye along with a tooth protruding out from bottom lip; has scar around throat that splits into two
can you make him grumpy loooking~? c:
((((look in notes to find links))))
Journal Doll~:
Wwolfie, Wolf, Female [one on right]
extra notes~: grey is darker, left ear has two bar piercings[all piercings are black], ovals by eyes are smaller, circle near nose is a nose ring

Siri (shepherd)
make star light spoof!

Chrissie make something for her!

Neon swallows a shrunken version of my fursona?
If you can, I'd also like you to incorporate a mawshot in one of the panels, and where she's swallowing with a bulge in her throat.
Name your price, I'm willing to pay anything.

warriorcatsfanclubloudpelt.web… (draw windclan dead)

Fluffy Wildwind by blackmuttofdoom


some things i fav <3 Wildwind cuddling with her tail by blackmuttofdoom



:icongothic-hearts: :icongoths-and-emos-unite:
       Hello it is black mutt! thank you if you started watching me or have been watching me! <3 sadly I have not been on dA for a really long time my personal life is not really good at this time also I will not talk about my personal life on dA any more. Besides the good things if I get back on dA again.

Sadly I'm not sure if I will :(  if I can find out how to post pictures from my phone/tablet I will post things up even the small tattoo (it is just a paw print).
   If I owe you ART REMIND ME ALL the time! Besides that I not sure what  to say and to all my old watches/friends note me if you like to talk or ask things please do not get angry if I don't replay fast I will respond in time. 

Hopeful my my spelling and putting words together is better I'm been trying really hard but sadly I never learned how to do that kind of stuff in school:(


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United States

AT - blackmuttofdoom by ChaoticShanAt with blackmuttofdoom by ChaoticShan

links by blackmuttofdoomlinks by blackmuttofdoomlinks by blackmuttofdoom



links by blackmuttofdoomlinks by blackmuttofdoomlinks by blackmuttofdoom



links by blackmuttofdoomlinks by blackmuttofdoomlinks by blackmuttofdoom


links by blackmuttofdoomlinks by blackmuttofdoomlinks by blackmuttofdoom

dA family <333


brothers: :iconturborex300:


bEsT fRiEnDs<333 :iconreminiscencesaga::iconshinjuthepearl::iconguardiavoir::iconschafersheperd:

links by blackmuttofdoomlinks by blackmuttofdoomlinks by blackmuttofdoom

hi this is Jessie/blackmutt i love reading comments :D so please comment :D and I don't shut up, hehe. ya opss, but I love meeting new people as long as your nice! but I love warrior cats, sonic. I don't mine Pokemon and I love cats and dogs if u ever want to ask something send me a note or if u want to chat :D thank you a love my kitty Wildwind and Neon

links by blackmuttofdoomlinks by blackmuttofdoomlinks by blackmuttofdoom


My Worth Stamp by Mirz123

links by blackmuttofdoomlinks by blackmuttofdoomlinks by blackmuttofdoom

ART BY shadowhunterwolf by blackmuttofdoom[PC] Wildwind and Spike journal doll by Dawnehpants

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this is for when you adopt or want me to draw you something

Comission prices

an icon:5 points (on MS paint)
an icon:5 points (on SAI)

friends icon: 7 points (on ms paint)
friends icon: 10 points (on SAI)

journal dolls 10 - 5 (how many or how hard the markings are)

Lineart: 5 points (on paint only)

Flat color: 10 points (on MS paint)
Flat color: 15 points (on SAI)

Shaded: 15 points (on MS paint)
Shaded: 20 points (on SAI)

Shaded with simple background: 20 points (MS paint)
Shaded with simple background: 25 points (SAI)

Shaded with detailed background: 30 points (MS paint)
Shaded with detailed background: 35 points (SAI)

line less: 15 points (SAI only)

chalk drawing: 5 points (MS Paint only)

Extra character(s) +5

speed paint 15 points (for MS paint or SAI) (not for chalk drawing or icon drawings or Lineart)

what MS PAINT LOOKS LIKE ((… (not the background though)

what SAI looks like ((…

what line less looks like ((…

or just be nice and give me some <3

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